The health & safety of our people and our partners is our first priority, always.


To help us meet this vision we require everyone connected with our activities to:

  • Ensure all are committed to the principle that all accidents and incidents are preventable
  • Always take the time necessary to do activities safely
  • Never knowingly walk past an unsafe act or condition

By following these principles and TH!NKING we will ensure that health & safety and environmental risk management forms an integral part of our day-to-day working practices.

These policy requirements are achieved by JDR primarily through effective organisational and management arrangements, and specifically:

  • Actively promote a culture of challenging unsafe behaviour;
  • Invest in building a competent and capable organisation to deliver consistently high levels of operational and health and safety performance, supported by strong visible health and safety leadership;
  • Adopt best practice and improve standards by working with our customers, contractors, suppliers, competitors, industry bodies and regulators while complying with relevant legislation and other requirements to which JDR subscribes;
  • Ensure all health and safety hazards are identified and suitable and sufficient risk assessments are created for all activities;
  • Set and monitor our progress against strong health and safety objectives and targets to continually improve our performance.
  • Ensure those working on our behalf adopt a culture similar to our high standards of health and safety;
  • To identify lessons learned and implement actions to prevent reoccurrence.
  • To achieve our heath and safety objectives, we have established a culture of continuous improvement (CI). Our CI programme ensures that we agree, drive and communicate focused improvement goals and monitor progress;
  • We will openly communicate our Health and Safety policies, procedures and performance to all interested parties.

These commitments will be audited and reviewed on a regular basis.

This policy will be kept up to date, will be reviewed at least annually and is signed by JDR’s Chief Executive Officer.