Regional bases, manufacturing excellence

JDR serves its international offshore oil and gas customers with its well-equipped and strategically located facilities.  Over the last four years we have invested over £30m in state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities.
Hartlepool, Victoria Dock

A world-class quayside manufacturing site strategically located alongside a North Sea port. A 20,000² site, commissioned in 2009 for SPU, SPC and REC manufacture. Highly flexible production set-up with capability in ultra-long length cables & umbilicals.


Engineering design, project management, research and development, IWOC production and manufacture of specialist components and Subsea Production Umbilicals, and Power Cables up to 100 tonnes. The facility provides specialist testing facilities.


In 2014 JDR opened a Product and Installation Services facility in the bustling port city of Macaé. More than 80% of Brazilian oil is linked to this port in some way. At the facility JDR performs assembly, integration and testing of umbilicals, cables, reelers and associated packages.

Houston Service Centre

Assembly, integration and testing of umbilicals, reelers and associated packages. Houston-based project management and engineering support is available for projects in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as offshore commissioning, testing and repair work.