Composite Power & Control Umbilical with Central Steel Tube

For the Gazprom Kirinskoye extension project, JDR supplied 5 off static subsea umbilicals, 7 off hydraulic flying leads (including 1 off spare), and 13 off electrical flying leads (including 1 off spare) complete with design engineering, project management, hardware, testing and third party certification. The scope of supply also includes a 190m spare umbilical and a 100m umbilical for full ISO 13628-5 qualification tests.

The Kirinskoye Field lies 28km offshore to the east of Sakhalin Island, in the Sea of Okhotsk, off of the east coast of the Russian federation and the water depth ranges from 85-90m.

The Kirinskoye umbilicals and flying leads deliver power and communications as well as hydraulic control and chemical injection capabilities from the subsea infrastructure to the 5 newly drilled wells with subsea XTrees.

The entire field is protected against iceberg and trawl scouring with the umbilicals trenched whilst the flying leads and subsea hardware is overprotected.

The subsea static umbilicals range in length from 1,533m to 6,614m. Each umbilical is terminated with a SDU (subsea distribution unit) at both ends of the umbilical and will be installed from 9.2m and 8m diameter shipping/installation reels including the fitment of VBRs (vertebrae bend restrictors) .

The 5 off umbilicals are of the same cross section design each comprising quad cables and a seam welded Super Duplex tubes with varying diameters of 1½”, ¾” and ½”.

The scope of supply was manufactured at JDR’s state of the art facility in Hartlepool, UK and delivered from their deep-water, quayside facility.

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