After completing my GCSEs I left school knowing that I wanted to broaden my knowledge and start a career in engineering.  I was aware that getting started in an industry like engineering would be difficult, so I saw the apprenticeship scheme as a brilliant way to build on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the industry.

Once I’d decided to pursue an apprenticeship, I started to research different companies to fine the one that would offer me the best opportunities.

I did rigorous searches and JDR fitted all of the categories I was looking for.  Although I didn’t have any knowledge of subsea umbilicals and cables, I was keen to learn so applied for one of the three positions to join JDR as an apprentice engineer.  I had to do a series of interviews and tests: I felt a bit out of my depth being only sixteen and probably one of the younger people applying for the position.  However, a few days later I received phone call from JDR to offer me an apprenticeship.

I am spending my first year with JDR in the factory, rotating through all the different aspects of the company to understand the steps and processes we take in manufacturing and designing the client’s chosen products.  Alongside working at the company, I am doing day release at college, working towards qualifications that will enable me to grow with the company.