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In the world’s harshest environments and ever increasing water depths, JDR Cable Systems’ world leading products and services bring power and control to offshore oil, gas and renewable energy systems. We design, engineer and manufacture subsea power cables, subsea production umbilical’s and intervention work over control systems (IWOCS) to suit the dynamics of each customer’s application; with JDR uniquely positioned as leading the design and manufacture of IWOCS to also offer rentals tailored to specific project requirements. Our Global Offshore Services Team provide a trusted customer link to expert solutions and is dedicated to installation, equipment and product maintenance (onshore & offshore), asset healthcare, assurance, equipment and product upgrades for the oil & gas and renewables markets, with reliable support across every stage of the project lifecycle. We define the scope of our Quality,Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems to be “the sales, marketing, design, manufacture and field service management of subsea umbilical’s and power cables.”

“Our Vision and Values include HSE, Quality & Sustainability, not only because they are vital to the success of our business, but because their successful management is central to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable workplace for our employees, contractors, visitors and clients. Our commitment to Operational Excellence and Right First Time Quality is key to ensure we develop strong relationships with our customers, contractors and community as a trusted partner.”

To achieve this, JDR have established management systems covering all of our activities that comply with all relevant statutory requirements and the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certification standards.

We integrate HSEQ into everything we do and strive to set the benchmark for HSEQ for others to follow. To meet this vision, JDR actively involves all employees, empowering them with the authority and responsibility to play their part in maintaining our commitment to continual improvement.

We are committed to:

  • Identifying, measuring and controlling the HSEQ risks associated with our activities, including those relating to energy consumption, water use and discharge, the use of chemicals and waste generation.
  • Implementing safe systems of work to prevent injury, ill health, minimise pollution and environmental impact from our own activities in accordance with our compliance obligations and best HSE practice.
  • Optimising energy consumption, while consuming material goods in moderation.
  • Product and service defect prevention, ensuring that JDR supplied products and services consistently conform to specified customer requirements and regulatory authority standards.
  • Targeting and reducing the Cost of Non Quality (CONQ) within defined Company targets.
  • Understanding the Voice of the Customer and transferring the requirements through to our supply chain to deliver value.
  • Reducing environmental impact throughout our supply chain.
  • Providing adequate information, instruction, supervision and relevant HSEQ training, to enable our employees to undertake their work activity safely and without risk to the environment or product.
  • Actively communicate and consult with employees at all levels of the organisation and report our HSEQ and Sustainability performance via our annual report and public website.
  • Setting annual HSEQ & Sustainability Objectives and Targets in the pursuit of continuous performance improvement.
  • Providing sufficient resource to ensure HSEQ & Sustainability Objectives and Targets can be achieved.
  • Monitoring our HSEQ performance through regular audits and inspections and by establishing relevant key performance indicators (KPI’s).
  • The review of HSEQ Objectives and Targets both locally at site level and by the Executive Team annually.

The Executive Management Team at JDR has ultimate responsibility for HSEQ management and fully endorse this policy and champion its effective implementation through their active visible leadership in the organisation.

This policy is available and maintained as documented, and is communicated to all employees and those working on our behalf, to ensure individuals’ HSEQ responsibilities are understood. Cooperation in the effective implementation of this policy is a condition of employment, contract and supply.

This Policy is also available for all interested parties as appropriate.

The Executive Management Team review and approve this policy annually and it is signed on behalf of the business by the Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer.