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JDR was formed in the early 1990s when two of the most respected names in the industry, Jacques Cable Systems (UK) and De Regt Special Cable (Holland) merged. As JDR the company has in excess of 75 years combined experience in the design and manufacture of subsea umbilicals and power cables that operate in harsh, dynamic, subsea environments.

In September 2007 JDR was acquired by Vision Capital, Goldman Sachs and Management from its then owners Bridgepoint Capital. This change in ownership saw, in March 2009, the commencement of a £30m investment programme to develop a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hartlepool. JDR has continued to invest in its capabilities, importantly, business systems to accommodate the capacity of our growing design and manufacturing operations.

In April 2011 the Marine Cables division (seismic lead-in and air-gun umbilicals and defence cables) was sold to Fugro NV. The financial gain realised through this transaction enabled the retirement of all senior debt incurred as a result of the growth investments made in the company since 2008.

JDR has enjoyed an unprecedented period of expansion and growth over the last decade, supplying numerous high profile projects for clients worldwide.

In August 2017 TFKable Group acquired JDR Cables. The move presents exciting opportunities for JDR to continue providing innovative products and services to the oil and gas and renewable energy industries – and is the next significant milestone in JDR’s history.