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Our Apprenticeship scheme offers a variety of career paths. The majority of roles are in engineering; from operations to design engineering to offshore support services. We also offer opportunities in support functions, for example IT, finance, supply chain, and many more.

We work closely with our Apprentices, combining hands-on experience with release for a college qualification. We work closely with you to track your development at JDR: from regular coaching meetings to working closely with our college partners to ensure a joined up approach to your training plan.
Our Apprentices are encouraged to achieve their full potential. You can read about JDR’s apprenticeship experiences below.

Why apprentices are so important and why they are the future of JDR?

Vicki Ashton – Head of Human Resources

Apprenticeship experience

James Harrod – Design Engineer

Elliott Jackson – Design Engineer Apprentice

James Johnson – Service Logistics Apprentice

Tom Dalton – Design Engineer Apprentice

Macy Ball – Design Engineer Apprentice

What do our Apprentices value most?

      • Combining college and work
      • Carrying out jobs independently from start to finish
      • Getting involved with big projects
      • Learning new skills; from engineering to communications
      • Seeing how different departments and processes are managed
      • Working alongside skilled people

Next Steps

If you would like to join the JDR team as an apprentice and are expecting 5 x GCSE’s including Maths & English, please apply between April and September.