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Our employees are at the heart of everything we do and consequently we take their learning and development seriously. We are recognised as ‘Investors in People’ and take pride in ensuring the competency of our employees, providing them with opportunities to develop, continually.

Personal development – overview of what we do for our people

We recognise that everyone is different and therefore, whilst we always ensure a solid foundation of mandatory training covering topics such as health and safety, we also know how important it is to provide our employees with individual personal development plans.

All JDR employees are provided with the mandatory training to ensure they adhere to environmental, health and safety requirements, as well as technical competency standards. We have a performance development process that ensures each employee regularly meets with their manager to discuss their progress, career aspirations and agree their learning and development needs for the year ahead.

Employees are encouraged to adopt a proactive approach to their learning and recognise opportunities both in and outside the classroom. There are many different opportunities to develop new skills through on-the-job training, in-house and bespoke courses, learning networks and peer groups.

Our Learning and Development Team has grown alongside the business as a whole and we are continually looking for new and innovative ways to ensure the continuing development of our employees.