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FIRST E&P has a 40% working interest in OMLs 83 & 85 which are located in the shallow waters of the Niger Delta in Nigeria. FIRST E&P is the operator of the two blocks, on behalf of the NNPC/FIRST E&P Joint Venture.

Phase one of the development will see five wells linked to the Anyala West (OML 83) Conductor Supported Platform (CSP).  The Anyala field will be developed along with Madu field which lies approximately 20 km northwest of the Anyala field. Five more wells will be drilled in the Madu Field (OML 85) and connected to the Madu CSP.

Production from both the Anyala and Madu fields will be processes through a shared Floating Production and Offloading (FPSO) facility located close to the Anyala field.

JDR Cable Systems Ltd. was contracted by First E&P to provide a total of 23.7km of umbilcals.  The supply encompassed the power and control umbilicals which connect the FPSO to the Madu and Anyala CSPs, together with a Subsea Isolation Valve (SSIV) control umbilical.  The SSIV and power cables were manufactured at JDR’s Littleport and Hartlepool facilities respectively, prior to being terminated and loaded out from Harlepool.

The integrated supply of power, control and traditional hydraulic components allowed JDR to leverage and integrate its experience as a leading manufacturing of both underwater power cables and hydraulic umbilcals and thereby provide a cost optimised and bespoke solution to the First E&P.


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