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ENI Abo 12 Phase 3 Development Project

Abo 12 Phase 3 Electro-Hydraulic Steel Tube Hybrid Umbilical

The 1.55km umbilical was designed to include a combination of hydraulic control and chemical hoses, low voltage signal cables and a central bundle of steel tube chemical supply lines.

The umbilical system connects an existing Subsea Distribution Unit (SDU) to a new well through the use of two umbilical termination units (UTA). JDR manufactured and delivered the umbilical on a 9.2m installation reel from their deep-water, quayside facility in Hartlepool, UK.

The project was a first for Nigerian Content as it also provided for the training of Nigerian nationals in the integration, testing, installation and commissioning of the umbilical. This training took place at JDR’s facility in Hartlepool and transferred valuable knowledge in key activities related to the final stages of the project before load-out and beyond.

Abo is Nigeria’s first deep water oil field located in the south eastern part of Oil Mining Lease (OML) 125, about 34 miles (55 km) off the coast in water depths up to 780 meters.

JDR’s scope of work included fast track design and manufacture of a 1550m Steel Tube Hybrid static umbilical.  JDR also supplied 2 x umbilical terminations comprising flanged armour body and BSR, plus spool piece for integration to free issued UTA’s.  JDR also integrated the UTA’s as well as manufacturing 150m of post-production qualification sample for bend stiffness, crush and tensile testing.

JDR Services also included flushing and filling, Project Management and Documentation, Design Engineering, Analysis (APS, load effects, thermal review, on bottom stability & flow) and 3rd Party Verification of Umbilical FAT.