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Jack & St Malo

Groundbreaking rigless, riserless intervention systems for the Jack and St Malo Field

JDR has played a key role in the design, development and delivery of self-supporting umbilicals, known as Open Water IWOC Umbilical Systems, for next generation well control packages.

JDR developed two high strength open water umbilical systems for the Jack and St Malo Field in the Gulf of Mexico.  They were designed to operate in water depths of 7,000ft (2100m). JDR’s Open Water Umbilicals, with patented terminations, enable a range of well control packages to be rapidly deployed  from a wide range of vessels without the need to run a riser.

Self-Supporting Open Water Umbilical

JDR’s successful growth through participation in cutting-edge subsea projects has provided a unique awareness of industry’s needs to explore and develop ever more efficient methods for well control and subsurface intervention.

The Open Water Umbilical represents yet another outstanding product from JDR that challenges industry perceptions and pushes the boundaries of umbilical technologies.

Custom-engineered, patented and manufactured by JDR, the Open Water Umbilical relies on a specially designed wire strength braid to support its own weight – and that of the termination assembly.

JDR has pooled its considerable industry experience and expertise with their US and UK based design engineering and manufacturing resources to push the boundaries of conventional umbilical design limitations and deployment techniques.  This resulted in a new system that enables riserless intervention in water depths of up to 10,000ft / 3,000m.

Open Water Umbilical Advantages

  • Suitable for riserless, rigless open water applications
  • Can be used to deploy UTA
  • Reduced equipment and smaller footprint
  • Deployable through moonpool or ‘over the side’ from vessel of opportunity
  • Rapid immediate spooling on arrival at well sites
  • Reduced risk of exposure for personnel
  • Significant day-to-day cost savings, removes the need for specialist vessels

Test Data  

In addition to a full API17E qualification program, JDR undertook a series of tests to evaluate and verify the strength and compatibility of the umbilical design under a variety of operational and environmental workloads.

Key findings concluded:

  • 95% retention in strength of umbilical after fatigue due to continuous reeling (employing solid turning wheel for uniform load distribution)
  • Load tested at 2.5 x SWL (with no failure)
  • Suitable for continued operation at its safe working load (SWL) of 30,000lbs (133kN) for >50 deployment cycles
  • Subsea Termination exceeded the specified minimum break load (MBL) of 72,500lbs (323kN)


JDR has delivered two high strength open water umbilical systems to Cameron for Chevron’s Jack & St Malo deepwater project in the Gulf of Mexico. The Jack and St Malo fields are located within 25 miles (40 km) of each other approximately 280 miles (450 km) south of New Orleans, Louisiana, in water depths of 7,000ft (2100m).

The packages featured JDR’s high capacity subsea termination (patent pending) and JDR’s custom-engineered hydraulic reelers for open water operations. Designed and manufactured in Littleport (UK), the umbilicals were integrated with the reelers before shipping to the field.

A comprehensive field support service agreement includes pre-deployment testing, repairs and operational support.

Preventive maintenance and spares management are offered as part of a life of field healthcare programme.

Patented High Capacity Termination Assembly

A key component of JDR’s system is a patented high strength termination assembly, specifically engineered for increased efficiency and capability.

Fully verified and exceeding minimum requirements, the system employs a capstan grip effect over a series of torus rings, removing over 75% of the tension from the retaining clamp.