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Na Kika A7 Well project

In Q1 of 2019 JDR was awarded a Purchase Order from the Na Kika team to provide Installation Workover Control System Services for a deep water completion in the Gulf of Mexico. The IWOCS needed to have the ability to deploy independent of the drilling riser, but to also be tolerant of the high subsea currents commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico. This system would go on to be utilized to test and control the subsea Xmas tree for the duration of the A7 Well completion.


Single wire IWOCS deployment system through the Moonpool
Mechanical EQD Emergency disconnect package features full integration with LMRP disconnect system
Electrical Flying Leads
Hydraulic Flying Leads
15k psi Controls HPU
Modular Umbilical Termination Assembly (UTA) with Kingpost
Management of control fluid supply, cleanliness, and analysis
15,000 PSI Deepwater EH Umbilical


JDR’s Single wire deployment system uses engineered anti-rotation umbilical clamps, LMRP integrated kingpost to secure UTA, and a two speed hydraulic winch. The single wire to kingpost deployment method is current tolerant and requires no external heave compensation apparatus which tend to be cumbersome and failure prone. The system frees up deck space, reduces deployment time, and is proven in adverse weather and sea conditions.


JDR says: “It is an honor to work with the Na Kika team and to be able to provide them with deep water solutions. We feel that the Na Kika team and other major projects are the drivers of value engineering and that they set goals to make subsea field development faster, easier, and safer. We are proud that we can provide services and products to our clients that help them meet those goals”.

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