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Wintershall- K18 Golf

Subsea Production Control Umbilicals

JDR delivered two umbilicals measuring 8,520m long and 1,930m long to German production company Wintershall for the K18 Golf field in the Dutch North Sea.
According to Wintershall, the Permian Rotliegend reservoir contains tight gas produced from a completion with a 3,750m vertical section and a 1,400m horizontal section through the gas bearing sandstone. Around 1.0 million cubic meters of natural gas per day will be produced from the initial K18-G1 subsea well. A second production well will be completed to maintain a production plateau between 1.0 and 1.4 million cubic meters per day. The field will produce enough gas to supply an equivalent of around 250,000 households.
The JDR umbilicals tied into a subsea connection plate at the K15-FA1 host platform’s riser access tower. The umbilical system was designed for connection by divers using hydraulic mono-couplers and CE electrical connectors. The 8,520 meter umbilical was laid from the platform to a subsea distribution unit also supplied by JDR. From there a 30m umbilical jumper was used to connect the K18-G1 well. For control of the second K18-G4 well, the 1,950m umbilical will make direct connection with the distribution unit and subsea wellhead valve.