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I started with JDR in 2006, working in research and development. One of my first major projects was to design a large hyperbaric chamber in the Inspection department. It was a big challenge and I wasn’t sure I could actually finish the job, but eventually it was complete. I find it particularly rewarding to the chamber being used daily. Next up was developing a new high strength IWOCS umbilical, which technically was more straightforward. However, with just 6 weeks to manufacture and test the prototype umbilical it was frantic. I am still amazed at what can be done in a short timeframe when everyone pulls together.

More recently I have been in the umbilical design team, working daily on IWOCS and SPU umbilicals. The work typically involves me in a series of qualification tests to simulate fatigue, reeling, tensile and bending. These tests are time-consuming and are an essential part of our customised product verification. Every product, project and client is different, so overall there is a lot to keep us busy.

I do enjoy work at JDR. The products and machinery are fantastic, and the people aren’t too bad either!