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JDR is a global market leader in IWOC umbilical systems.

Our extensive knowledge of IWOC reeler and systems design, development and manufacture enables us to work with customers on a diverse range of systems. We work in partnership with our customers, from project initiation to long-term support; an approach that enables customers to place a single order for their complete system package.

IWOCS packages – design and build

Our custom-engineered IWOCS are manufactured in-house and reinforced to protect the internal components during deployment. Individual element integrity is also assured through separate reinforcement to ensure maximum life of the product.

JDR’s product range of superior subcomponent hoses and knowledge of hose and cable technology enables clients to work as partners in developing a system uniquely tailored to specific project requirements. Specialised test equipment has been developed by JDR to simulate deployment stresses on the IWOC umbilical and validate the product prior to final manufacture and assembly.


Self-supporting umbilicals

JDR has also played a key role in the design, development and delivery of self-supporting umbilicals for next generation well control packages. JDR’s self-supporting umbilicals, with patented terminations, enable a range of well control packages to be quickly deployed from a wide range of vessels without the need of a riser.

Our dedicated team of reeler designers is positioned close to our manufacturer. We can deliver multiple large systems in parallel.  JDR’s team is trained to integrate reelers into an overall customer package, managing integration, logistics, testing and spares. More – click here.

Rental IWOCS

As leaders in the design and manufacture of IWOCS packages, and with the experience of having successfully delivered more than 300 reeler systems to customers worldwide, JDR is now uniquely positioned to offer IWOCS rentals.

JDR can provide a large number of configurations tailored for specific project requirements, whether on an offshore rig or vessel. These include:

  • Inside the riser
  • Clamped to the riser
  • Single wire deployment
  • Self-supporting IWOCS

If you would like to find out more about rental IWOCS, please download our brochure here.

More – click here