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JDR is a world leader in the design, manufacture and operation of oil and gas intervention and workover control systems (IWOCS) packages. Our global installed base includes over 300 high specification IWOCS and reelers. This experience has positioned JDR as the preferred solutions provider of IWOCS rental services to the global offshore oil and gas market.

IWOCS rental services provides offshore oil and gas operators with the ability to increase production from subsea wells without requiring a CAPEX investment to provide a temporary, direct control system connection. The systems can also be used for light well intervention, subsea landing string controls, completions and plug and abandonment applications.

Specialist rental solutions

We can provide a variety of configurations for offshore rigs or vessels from any of our global service locations, tailored for specific project requirements including inside the riser, clamped to the riser, single wire deployment and self-supporting IWOCS. This flexible approach enables operators to choose how and when to interface with their well – significantly decreasing time, upfront cost and supply chain risk compared to capital equipment purchase.

We also offer a full range of supporting hardware and equipment including launch and recovery systems (LARS) for deployment, deep reach winches, chemical injection units, hydraulic test units and umbilical reels.

Trusted experts

Our team of expert field service technicians are on hand to manage the deployment and maintenance of IWOCS both on and offshore. Our technicians typically have more than 10 years’ experience in deploying, maintaining and operating IWOCS and manage all elements on behalf of clients. They also undergo a strict competency development programme ensuring they have the technical skills required to handle any unplanned challenges – reducing the risk of downtime.

Example IWOCS rental service offering:

  • An EH IWOCS umbilical
  • Hydraulic IWOCS reeler and drive hydraulic power unit (HPU) or pneumatic drive IWOCS reeler
  • Umbilical sheave
  • JDR modular UTA / subsea interface panel
  • Emergency disconnect system (hydraulic or mechanical)
  • LARS with drive HPU
  • JDR IWOCS controls HPU
  • Zone-rated workshop container with IWOCS spares
  • JDR-certified IWOCS field service technicians