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JDR’s self-supporting IWOC umbilical technology significantly reduces offshore operating costs.  The JDR engineering team has utilised its knowledge of industry cost-reducing and safety-focussed trends to push the boundaries of conventional umbilical design limitations and deployment techniques.  The Self Supporting IWOC Umbilical enables a range of well control packages to be rapidly deployed from a vessel of opportunity without the need to run a riser.

Ground breaking design

Conventional IWOC umbilicals are designed to be lightweight and highly flexible and typically operate at low working loads.  At higher deployment and operating tensions the internal electrical components and the protective external sheathing of a conventional IWOC umbilical are susceptible to damage and distortion.  JDR, through our latest advances in self-supporting IWOC materials technology and experience in reeler engineering, has developed IWOC umbilicals that can operate at a higher load capacity.  This significantly improves operational reliability and availability.

The benefits of JDR’s Self-Supporting IWOC Umbilicals

  • Rapidly deployed inside riser or in open water from vessel of opportunity
    • Operates in open water without a wireline
    • Operates in DPR or other riser applications without the need of clamps
  • This state-of-the-art, patented product has advanced umbilical design and deployment techniques
  • Increased safety for personnel (eliminates clamping requirements)
  • Significantly reduces offshore operating time and costs
  • Reduced equipment and smaller footprint

Ultra-deep deployments

A number of JDR umbilical designs are fully qualified, with an excellent track record in beyond deep-water environments.  JDR is now extending the technology to enable customers to achieve riserless intervention for ultra-deep deployments to 10,000ft/3000m.

We provide associated self-supporting IWOC umbilical dynamic analysis.  This service enables us to work with customers to define the operational and environmental conditions the product can reliably work within.

Our self-supporting IWOC umbilicals are supported in the field by JDR’s Product and Installation Services.  The Product and Installation Service team provides 24/7 installation (testing and commissioning) and maintenance support through a global network of highly experienced and fully certified technicians.