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JDR is a world-class manufacturer and engineer of oil and gas subsea power cables used by oil and gas operators around the world to distribute power between offshore installations.

JDR’s subsea power cables cover great distances and are designed to operate in dynamic subsea environments for many years. We have built a strong track record in the development and delivery of highly engineered subsea power cables across a diverse range of applications. We deliver turnkey solutions developing complete packages that incorporate our Subsea Umbilical Termination Assemblies (SUTA) and installation support services.

Our designs are specially engineered and manufactured to suit the dynamics and the challenges of each individual customer’s subsea application. We offer a range of subsea power cable solutions that can include fibre optic communications and fluid transfer between fixed and floating offshore installations and subsea infrastructures.

The JDR engineering team develops subsea power cables with:

  • Flexibility in materials selection and configuration of manufacturing processes e.g. a range of polymer options
  • Multi-phase AC systems with a voltage range of 1kV to 72kV
  • Both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ design types using either EPR or XLPE three layer insulation systems
  • A range of armouring options
  • Coilable and non-coilable designs
  • Termination design and fitting for topside and subsea connections
  • Assembly, qualification and in-house testing to avoid risk of commissioning delays

JDR offers full dynamic analysis, fatigue analysis and seabed stability analysis to prove the suitability of our subsea power cable designs. Qualification testing is available to verify our design analysis work. Our Product and Installation Service division provides 24/7 installation (testing and commissioning) and maintenance support through a global network of highly experienced and fully certified technicians. Our team of certified offshore technicians supports system installation, hook-up and commissioning. The team is equipped for rapid mobilisation to anywhere in the world.