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JDR is a pioneer in the development of Submarine Power Cables for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy projects. Our commitment to technology developments and client-focussed delivery on some of the world’s largest offshore wind farms has earned us an industry leading reputation and trust to provide the vital connection.

We have led the development of submarine power cable design, manufacture and services creating comprehensive product systems for some of the world’s largest offshore renewable energy projects; from the London Array, East Anglia One and Hornsea 1 offshore wind farms to the supply of the export cables and the subsea equipment for Wave Hub, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced open access site for the testing and development of offshore renewable energy technology.

Our global presence has also led to the successful delivery of our renewables subsea cable products and services all across the world from Taiwan to the USA.

JDR’s Field Services, part of JDR’s Renewable Energy Product and Installation Services group, supports the renewables industry; from project installation consultancy, to pre-commissioning, with full product life cycle support including repair and maintenance.

JDR is leading the development of the next generation of dynamic and static submarine power cable products enabling the continued exponential growth of the offshore renewables industry. Our product development is focused on innovations that improve our product capabilities and ensure long-term performance, reliability and support the future growth of the industry.

Expert solutions across the full lifecycle

JDR offers a complete package for the offshore renewable industry; from the design of subsea cable systems, to manufacture and field service support.


Experienced offshore wind design engineering team

A team with in-depth industry knowledge of inter-array cable design and accessories including pulling grips, hang-offs, connectors and fibre optic splice boxes.The engineering team partners with customers during the design phase to create the most reliable products in the industry.

  • Sheathed, coilable cable design recognised as innovative
  • Water-blocking components considered amongst the best available
  • Subsea repair joints

Project management

Specialist project management, enabling day-to-day working relationships and ensuring on time project delivery, linking customers to JDR’s full lifecycle offering.

Advanced Manufacturing

A custom-designed manufacturing facility in Hartlepool, on the North-East UK coast; a dockside location, ideally positioned for subsea cable offshore wind projects, with the facility designed for simultaneous production. Without the need for transhipping we can reduce timelines and provide real cost efficiencies.

  • The facility can deliver individual subsea cables for offshore wind weighing up to 4000 tonnes
  • State-of-the-art carousels provide a storage capacity that provides a reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of supply

Specialist field services

Complete lifecycle support from pre-commissioning to installation support; designed to maximise investment in product and lower equipment ownership costs.

Building strong customer connections

We work closely with our clients, from project analysis and engineering design through to manufacture, mobilisation and lifecycle support.

  • Our close collaborations with clients help us to create innovative products that consistently deliver in line with the needs of each project
  • We offer an excellent standard of service at every level, trusted across every stage of the project lifecycle
  • We go beyond keeping clients informed by making every client aware of anticipated longer-term industry developments

Committed to long-term industry developments

By investing in long-term technology developments, JDR is supporting the evolution of cost-effective renewable energy production, importantly for offshore wind; utilising its latest technology advances from high voltage cable technology to new aluminium cores.

  • DECC-supported work on high-voltage inter-array cables that will improve power capacity by increasing array cable voltage ratings from 33kV to 66kV
  • Investigating: how dynamic ratings could reduce cable conductor sizes and subsequent material costs; and how strain sensing fibre optics can be used to minimise installation issues.
  • Transferring oil and gas experience to renewable energy subsea applications such as pre-terminated inter-array cables.
  • New aluminium conductor core inter-array cable; XLPE insulated and type tested to IEC 60502-2 and CIGRE standards.