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Houston, USA – 1 November 2004 – JDR Cables Systems LTD.

JDR Cable Systems Ltd has recently supplied dynamic catenary umbilicals to APL Norway who installed them on two projects in China’s Bohai Bay – CFD 11, operated by KerrMcGee, and BZ 25, operated by CNOOC/ChevronTexaco.

APL provided complete SAL Yoke Systems (SYS) for the projects allowing fixed weather vaning mooring of the FPSO as well as the interface between the subsea cables and pipelines. The SYS provides the transfer of produced fluids, injection water, HV power and electrical and optical signals to and from satellite surface wellhead platforms.

The JDR cables form the dynamic portion of an electro-optical network used to transmit medium voltage power and communications from the FPSO to the wellhead platforms. Multiple cables were provided for each SYS with power and signal components grouped into separate umbilicals. JDR designed and fitted mechanical terminations on individual cables to facilitate hook up to the FPSO and SYS.

The innovative design of the mechanical terminations enabled efficient umbilical pull-in and hang-off. Umbilical tail lengths as long as 60 feet were routed to the SYS sliprings and special protection clamps were placed over the umbilical jackets to prevent excess wear during dynamic motion over the chutes. Large bend strain reliefs (BSRs) were attached to the base of the mechanical terminations in to provide a smooth bend transition to the armored umbilical section.

JDR preformed a current rating calculations for each medium voltage circuit; the umbilical for CFD 11 had a nominal operating voltage (Uo) of 10.5 kV, while the umbilical for BZ 25 had a nominal operating voltage rating (Uo) of 26.8 kV. The phase conductors were insulated with EPR and a triple extrusion process was used for simultaneous application of the conductor screen, insulation and insulation screen.

Dynamic Analysis Ensures Cables Do Not Clash With Risers

For both projects, dynamic catenary analysis was performed by APL to ensure that the JDR umbilicals would not clash with adjacent flexible risers. The analysis was based upon 100 year typhoon conditions with 5 meter significant wave heights.

First production from CFD 11 was achieved in July. Produced fluids from the trees on the wellhead platform are exported to a 900 foot FPSO called the Hai Yang Shi You 112 “Kerr McGee Global Producer V11.” The FPSO has a 80,000 bpd production capacity and can store up to 1 million barrels of oil.

With the success of these two projects and many other similar projects, JDR continues to be recognized as the world leader in design and manufacture of dynamic catenary umbilicals.

Why Choose JDR For Your Next Project?

“JDR has invested the critical resources necessary in technology through innovative product development, in quality and unmatched project management allowing the company to excel in supplying this type of power and communications system.” said Pat Herbert, Group Chief Executive Officer. “Because of the advances we have made, the global experience we have supplying these systems to all major oil companies, JDR now has a commanding leadership position in this market. Umbilicals and cable systems that are in hostile conditions, dynamic, yet with a high technology content, is where JDR excels. None of our competitors can make this claim”.