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JDR is a choice provider of subsea production umbilicals (SPU), or umbilical cable, for a wide range of offshore oil & gas projects. Our SPUs are designed to operate long-term in challenging and dynamic subsea environments. The products provide critical power, control and monitoring links, connecting multiple elements of an offshore oil & gas field.

Our design engineers create products that maximise reliability, minimise project cost and ensure long term product lifecycle. Our knowledge of production umbilical design enables us to offer a range of custom built systems for installation at varying water depths. Our range of umbilical designs and knowledge of internal components enables us to provide customers with the most suitable design for their project requirements. JDR-designed Subsea Umbilical Termination Assemblies (SUTA) can be incorporated into a project scope of work. SUTAs enable multiple wells to be controlled via one umbilical and are part of a range of product and service capabilities available from the JDR team.

JDR’s subsea umbilicals incorporate steel tube and/or thermoplastic hose conduits for hydraulic fluids and process chemicals, fibre optic cables & electrical cables that transmit power and enable communication across any gas or oil field. Our products are used to tieback subsea trees to fixed platforms, FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading platform) and land based facilities. The advanced steel tube, hose and cable components we provide ensure an unparalleled range of options for high pressure and high temperature systems and chemical injection requirements. We also offer Subsea Isolation Valve umbilicals (SSIV), Hydraulic Flying Leads (HFL), Electrical Flying Leads (EFL) and stab plate and connector sourcing and supply.

JDR offers full dynamic analysis, fatigue analysis and seabed stability analysis to prove the suitability of our subsea umbilicals. Qualification testing is available to verify our design analysis work.