UK wind farm project to power 410,000 homes a year

JDR has been awarded the inter-array cable contract for the UK’s Dudgeon offshore wind farm by VBMS. The Dudgeon offshore wind farm is located 32 kilometres off the UK coast in North Norfolk and is being developed by Statoil/Statkraft. The wind farm will include 67 x 6MW wind turbines at water depths of between 18 and 25 metres. Once commissioned, the farm is expected to create enough electricity to power more than 410,000 homes each year.

The Dudgeon project will utilise over 95 kilometres of JDR’s copper core inter-array cables and a range of cable accessories to collect and transit the generated power, prior to its export to mainland UK. Dudgeon, a project that sees offshore wind production move further offshore, will benefit from JDR’s in-depth knowledge in the design and manufacture of inter-array cables and experience of working with power cables in deepwater oil and gas applications.

The inter-array cables will be designed by JDR’s in-house engineering team and manufactured at JDR’s Hartlepool facility. The project will utilise two JDR inter-array cable designs; a 185mm2 copper conductor cable and a 500mm2 copper conductor cable. Both cables will be supplied in two continuous lengths, be XLPE insulated and type tested to IEC 60502-2 and CIGRE standards.