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Wintershall Ravn Development Project

18km Composite Power & Control umbilical with Central Steel Tube.

JDR’s delivered an 18km power and control umbilical connecting a new platform to an existing platform for long-term well testing off the Danish coast. The composite umbilical comprised of hydraulic hoses, super duplex central steel tube, MV power cores, and fibre optic cables.

Additionally, JDR provided the subsea hardware as well as life-cycle support through their Product and Installation Services. The umbilical was manufactured and loaded out at JDR’s deep-water, quayside Hartlepool facility.

The Ravn field is located in the Danish sector of the North Sea, in water depths up to 50m.

JDR’s overall scope included manufacture of the 18450m Composite steel tube / Power core / Thermoplastic hose & Fibre Optic umbilical and a 150m spare length.  JDR designed and manufacture project specific hardware including 2 x Pull in heads, 2 x Hang offs, 2 x repair joints and 2 x 11m VBR & J tube Centraliser (seal).

JDR’s experienced project management and engineering teams were able to offer excellent Customer support throughout the project, including early delivery of Hang off flange to assist Wintershall installation logistics, monitoring of umbilical during load out in order to reduce post load out testing & vessel load out duration and design of a new pull in head to facilitate reduced vessel loading duration.

No Accidents occurred on the Wintershall Ravn project in 15,600+ hours & no Environmental incidents were reported during the course of the project.