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Houston, USA – 28 February 2006 – JDR Cables Systems LTD.

JDR Cable Systems has been awarded two separate contracts from FMC for the supply of workover control umbilicals. FMC Technologies Inc (Houston) has placed an order for two 7,500 ft long electro- hydraulic umblicals for the Agbami project offshore Nigeria. The 10,000 psi rated umbilicals will be used for initial installation of the subsea trees and for workover operations throughout the field life. The umbilicals are designed to operate in water depths ranging from 4,200 ft to 5,400 ft and contain special high collapse resistant hoses capable of withstanding 5,000 psi external pressure. Final assembly and testing of the umbilicals will take place at JDR™’s Houston facility. After manufacturing is complete, JDR will spool and integrate the two umbilicals onto air driven reel units. Testing of the reel unit and hydraulic fluid flushing will be carried out prior to final delivery at the Houston site.

A separate purchase order from FMC Kongsberg Subsea AS was received by JDR Cable Systems to design, manufacture and test two Electro Hydraulical umbilicals with air powered reeler and sheaves, for the deepwater Moho Bilondo project offshore Congo. The 1170 meter long Main WOCS umbilical with a complete spare will work in water depth to 900 meters, and each umbilical incorporates 2 each 1″ x 5000 psi JDR designed and qualified High Collapse Resistant (HCR) hoses for circulation of low density well fluids and chemicals.

Prior to manufacture, a sample length of umbilical will undergo API 17E qualification tests including tensile, bend stiffness, crush and fatigue tests, with the latter performed on JDR’s new purpose built fatigue cycle test rig. The rig is designed to simulate the umbilical’s path from deployment reeler, over sheaves and into the marine riser.

With both the umbilical and reeler managed by the same JDR team, special requirements can be identified quickly, implemented and managed to completion of the package. “We are delighted to work with FMC and their customer Total,” says Patrick Phelan, Managing Director of JDR’s Oil & Gas Division, “on umbilical systems that must be built for this challenging project with demanding specifications.”