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: JDR, the leading supplier of subsea power cables and umbilicals to the global offshore energy industry, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Magma Global (Magma), the manufacturer of high performance carbon fibre and Victrex PEEK thermoplastic composite pipe, m-pipe®.

The signing – which took place on Tuesday at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston – marks the start of a collaboration that will combine JDR’s subsea cable and umbilical technologies with Magma’s composite pipe products to develop new solutions that both reduce the cost and extend the life of offshore oil and gas projects.

The scope of the agreement includes the research, development and qualification testing of solutions, with a particular focus on high chemical, high pressure and high temperature applications where the range of proven, available technologies is limited.

James Young, CTO of JDR, comments: “JDR has built its success on its technical expertise and reliability so we’re always on the look-out for likeminded partners. This collaboration with Magma presents a unique opportunity to harness the combined benefits of industry-leading technologies to create pioneering solutions with game-changing potential.”

Charles Tavner, Magma’s Chief Operating Officer, adds: “Looking at how we might combine m-pipe with JDR’s products, both recognised as leaders in their respective fields, makes complete strategic sense. Industry is seeking safer and more reliable solutions that help reduce project costs. We are excited about teaming up with JDR to look at new ways to continue achieving those objectives.”