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Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 8 September 2006 – JDR Cables Systems LTD.

JDR’s Field Service Center is being expanded with an international crew of multi-skilled Field Service Engineers (FSE) who will now be available for world-wide deployment 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The increasing importance of short-time mobilisation being demanded by our customers spurned the necessity of this new service department expansion which will be comprised of cross trained/versatile field engineers. Aiding in our quest to provide ultra-fast response time, a single service phone number, providing world-wide assistance, will be provided for ease of access from anywhere in the world.

JDR currently has two fully trained FSE’s and three more engineers have now been recruited and are undergoing an extensive training program, which consists of several internal courses that include: termination training, quality control, special testing and the latest on fibre optic technology. In parallel the engineers will be trained in a stringent health and safety program which complies with the latest European offshore safety and medical standards prior to certification as an FSE.

The broad services offered by the expanded Service Center, will range from straight-forward onsite cable testing, complete system repairs, and the assembly and integration of umbilicals, reelers and associated equipment.

“Large service contracts made up of multi-million dollar cable operations tend to put enormous pressure on all concerned to run, operate and service these installations. As a result, JDR’s FSE are trained to remain professional in these types of stressful situations where everyone is depending on a good outcome. It’s very important to listen to what customers have to say to come to a viable solution together. That way both JDR and the customer will benefit from the situation and maintain a close relationship”, says Wilco Heikoop, JDR’s Senior Field Service Engineer.

Wilco continues, “Excellent quality and reliable service are two of the most important attributes to distinguish yourself from others in the market. Customers will remember you as someone they can trust and will return to you when they have another challenge that requires a swift solution that fits their time requirements. In due course we will earn back our investments in this area. But not only Service keeps JDR in the position where we currently are; high quality products are an absolute must in these difficult work areas as well. During operations, customers tell me that even under the worst circumstances the cable systems still do their job perfectly, and I’ve got many examples to back their stories up.”

Onsite repair jobs have always had the highest priority at JDR. Any and all necessary people required for involvement remain on call at all times. With extensive initial and on-going training programs, JDR keeps its engineers motivated for challenging assignments that span the globe. And finally, the Project Manager, who is handling the order and maintains primary contact with the customer, acts as internal backup for the FSE’s on assignment for any needed support while he is deployed.

This new Service Mobilisation Plan involves not only the Rotterdam facility!