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Subsea needs to make the right connections – Editorial by JDR Chairman, Pat Herbert

: JDR Executive Chairman, Pat Herbert, offers his industry expert advice on why it’s important for operators to consider the design and specifications of cable and/or umbilical technologies as the oil and gas industry advances to deeper and more complex environments. “The drive to place technology and equipment on the seabed as close as possible to the hydrocarbon source will continue. In the next few years, this trend could result in the emergence of production systems similar or more advanced than those coined as “subsea villages” or “subsea factories,” which may incorporate full processing capabilities. As these subsea centers continue to grow, so too does the size and scale of the systems now being considered. Every “village” or “factory” needs chemicals, communications, information, and power. The question of how that will be delivered to these subsea centers of the future is a key factor that needs to be considered in the early stages of development.” Read the entire article, published in , JPT September 2014.