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: From 7th to 9th of February 2018, UAB TELE-FONIKA Baltic, which is part of the TFKable Group, is presenting its line of FLAMEBLOCKER products during the event held at the Jyväskyla Conference Center in Finland. For more than 30 years, this industry event has been attracting international, manufacturing services and products to Northern and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. This year’s meeting was dedicated to issues related to long-distance electricity transmission.

“Our production potential allows us to provide our customers with cables and wires that meet the requirements and standards set out by international regulators. We’re also compliant with safety standards under the CPR Directive passed by the European Commission, where the best example is the FLAMEBLOCKER product line from TFKable. I would also like to highlight another of our innovative products, the mobile medium voltage cable line from TF Easyline MVC. This solution aims to reduce losses during planned and unplanned shutdowns,” said Piotr Mirek, Vice President of Operations at TELE-FONIKA Kable SA.

The tests have been carried out in TFKable’s production plants in accordance with a well-established technology, based on the use of appropriate materials and design solutions that allow maximum inhibition of the spread of fire while maintaining the functional capacity of the essential parts of the system. Tests included flame spread testing, smoke density testing or gases emission tests. The positive results achieved from additional audits allowed TFKable to introduce a single division of cables and wires under the FLAMEBLOCKER product line, i.e halogen-free, flame retardant cables and wires and FLAMEX-950lin, i.e. halogen-free, fire-resistant cables and wiring. Meanwhile, the innovative design in mobile medium voltage cable – TF Easyline MVC – allows customers to connect the  technology with voltage and thus energy suppliers to final recipients remain uninterrupted, despite renovations or maintenance in the network.

In the past year, TFKable has expanded its production and technological potential by acquiring the leading manufacturer of subsea power cables and umbilicals for the global oil and gas and renewable energy sectors, ” Mirek added.

During the SähköTeleValoAv, UAB TELE-FONIKA Baltic will also have the opportunity to showcase a range of the groups technology, including installation cables, telecommunication cables, industrial rubber insulated cables and cables of low, medium and high voltage.

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